O.A.K. Youth Theatre is a Pretoria based Youth Theatre and, as the name suggests, offers a unique, “One of A Kind” experience for students of all ages to engage in Musical Theatre activities.

They are taught the three disciplines of Acting, Singing and Dancing which are vital in becoming a triple-threat performer.

Once a year we have open auditions for young aspiring artists for our annual Winter production. During these rehearsals, artists are encouraged to train in acting, singing and dancing. Our mission is to stage a production of industry standard.

We allow artists to perform in professional theatres such as the UNISA Little Theatre, Atterbury Theatre and the Mardi Gras Theatre at Carnival City Casino.

Our workshops are led by industry professionals who have worked on stages locally as well as internationally: some of these productions include Sarafina! In Black and White, Charlotte’s Web, Ester, Dawid die Musical, Dirty Dancing, Droomkind, West Side Story, Spamalot, Janice Honeymann’s Panto: Peter Pan, Pinocchio and Jack and the Beanstalk, Sweeney Todd, Saturday Night Fever, Evita and David Kramer's Langarm.

Our Advantages


We strive to create a completely professional environment for our students so they can get the experience of working in a professional theatre setting. They work closely with industry professionals, not only as trainers but as fellow cast mates.

Family Orientated

Our productions are always fun for the whole family! We have magic, love, action and lots of comedy to keep everyone dancing in their seats to our catching combination of pop and musical theatre songs.


We keep the fun alive in all aspects of our productions, from rehearsals to theatre time. At O.A.K. Youth Theatre we are more than just a company, we are a family!


To train talented young artists into becoming true triple-threat performers by staging annual professional productions and providing further opportunities for young artists to grow and shine.